#GetOutside: Five Things I Learned from Failing the Three Peaks

The thought of putting my soaked, icy-cold waterproofs back on in the dark at the bottom of Scafell Pike still makes me recoil.

#WildSwimming: In the Shadow of Tryfan

I had been standing on the edge of the lake for ten minutes. If I didn’t get in soon, it was going to be too dark. I knew I’d regret not going in. I was frustrated with myself. I pushed my sweaty hair away from my face and balled my fists. I was going to do this.

#ExtremeSleeps – Snowdon Summit

The afternoon office home time chatter began as I washed my mug and started to pack my papers and laptop away. "What's everyone doing this evening?" "I'm going to sleep up Snowdon." "You're...?" "Going to sleep on the summit of Snowdon." "What, you're going there now?" Cue a conversation involving everyone at our bank of desks, … Continue reading #ExtremeSleeps – Snowdon Summit