#NEWS: Best Outdoor Blog of 2018 Nomination




I am proud/humbled/excited/over-the-moon/galvanised/utterly thrilled to have been both nominated and then shortlisted to be the ‘Best Outdoor Blog of 2018’ by outdoor equipment retailer, GO Outdoors, as part of their End of Year Awards. 

This is a huge deal for me. I’ve been running Almost Definitely Outside for around a year now, starting it mainly as a way to share adventure stories with my family who could “never keep track of what you are up to, Stephanie”, and who weren’t sure how to explain the bonkers things I got up to to other people. 


Since my first post in October last year, after I phoned my grandma from the summit of Snowdon at 6am following a night in my bivvy bag and she said, “What on Earth have you been up to now?”, I’ve taken a few chances to put myself and my microadventure stories out there. I became an Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion in January. I’ve become a volunteer with Adventure Queens, the women’s adventure community, and I’ve had an article published in female-first and outdoor sport publication, Intrepid Magazine (issue four if you’d like to download the back catalogue…). This autumn, equipment brand Trekmates invited me to be one of their Outdoor Heroes. I even did an internal video for Jaguar Land Rover colleagues about the launch of the Land Rover Explore phone (and suffered much ribbing in the office as a result *). Even so, when GO Outdoors sent me the email to tell me I’d been shortlisted, I thought it was spam and I double- and triple-checked it before replying; what a way to round off a first year. 

The GO Outdoors awards are ‘as voted for by GO customers’. If you’ve read and enjoyed Almost Definitely Outside this year, I would be humbled and grateful if you could click the voting link below, or one of the many I will embed throughout the post, and drop in a vote for Almost Definitely Outside. (It asks you to vote for a couple of other categories too, but Best Outdoor Blog is the most important…)  

Voting closes on 10th December. 

Vote HERE for Almost Definitely Outside

Thank you for reading Almost Definitely Outside. Every view and comment helps me to explain and justify running off to do daft things outside, sleeping on rocks, and swimming in chilly water. 

I love hearing about your adventures and microadventures, too. Get Outside – even through the winter! – and continue popping back here to tell me all about them. I LOVE it. 

Thank you for your support. Here’s to another year of microadventures and Slightly Bonkers Ideas. 



There was a lot of slow motion walking, which they found hilarious. I was on annual leave on a multi-day hike the day it came out, so fortunately I missed the worst of it! 

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