#GetOutside: Overdoing It and The Lyke Wake Walk

This week, I’ve been proud to be featured on two blogs. I’ve been part of the GetOutside Interviews on SplodzBlogz, and I’ve been telling the guys at Blacks about fitting in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards around life.


It’s a really interesting time for me to see these go live because, this week, I’m tired. Really tired. I could happily sleep for a full week. I don’t need to look back over the last few months too hard to find out why: I’ve been trying to do too much.

Since the GetOutside campaign launch with Ordnance Survey in January I’ve been on a mission: snowshoeing in Italy; volunteering at Guide camp; both participating in and running training courses with the Scouts; on a navigation course with the Ultimate Navigation School; chased the sun across the country for the Spring Equinox; trashed a wedding dress on the moors with Printmiscuous; drove to Bruges for the weekend; foraged and talked at Top of the Gorge Festival; and microadventured my heart out for Intrepid Magazine, Land Rover, Wild Night Out, and just for the fun of it.

With summer still going strong, there’s also no sign of the adventure train stopping: I’m also hoping to go dolphin watching in Wales, spend a week with the Scouts on our annual summer camp, do some more microadventuring for Land Rover, and attempt the Three Peaks Challenge. I’ve also been part of the team launching two new products at work, started a chartership qualification, and sold my house.

With all this going on, and having spent three days away from home for work this week, this is definitely the perfect weekend to tackle the Lyke Wake Walk solo… Right? 

The Lyke Wake Walk is a complete crossing of the North Yorkshire moors. The challenge is to complete the 40 mile crossing in under 24 hours. I’ll admit it: I’m nervous. It’s my first endurance challenge, and the plan was to do it with a partner, but they couldn’t get the time off work and my support team (read: my parents) have already booked our accommodation at either end. The walk is going to be physically and mentally draining. I’ve never walked on the North Yorkshire moors before and I’ve only ever done night navigation twice – never on my own.

I do believe I have the skills, the gear, and a large enough quantity of jelly sweets to get through the walk, but I’m flagging from desperately chasing new experiences all year, and not allowing myself a proper break.

My body should be able to handle this: can my head make it through? 

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